Customer Testimonials

The quality of work was excellent and the customer service was impeccable. I would recommend this company to anyone needing such a service
- D.B. April 18, 2014
Concrete Lifting USA came out and gave us a quote for foundation repair. We decided not to go with them because the room wasn't as urgent as we thought. The person that came out was very professional and very knowledgeable. He was really honest and he said we didn't need it. It wasn't like he was trying to prod me for work. It wasn't actually that we decided not to use him, it was just he was very honest and said we didn't need it. He could have taken advantage of the situation but he didn't and we were very happy.
- N.K. March 24, 2014
The fill under my basement slab had eroded / settled due to some water issues. I had several providers quote the job, and I learned from each of them. Jacob seemed to be well informed about a wide variety of construction issues, and I felt like he gave me good advice. The quote from Concrete Lifting USA was not the cheapest or the quickest, but I evaluated them as the best value of the bunch, and I was confident that they would deliver what they promised. The work was completed to my satisfaction within the expected timeframe. When I get around to addressing my garage slab, I will definitely give Concrete Lifting USA a call.
- D.D. November 01, 2013
Four driveway sections lifted to level with garage entry. Husband and wife crew on time, professional, efficient and personable. They performed the work in a timely manner and cleaned up the area completely.
- W.D. October 24, 2013
They drilled 7 holes down the length of our front porch (in the center). They filled holes with a concrete mix to fill in a huge void under the porch. We had a bad water leak in our basement in July. Many providers offered various solutions. Because of raccoon damage under our porch, we feared we had huge spaces underneath, but we had no idea how much space there was. Jacob and his wife arrived promptly at 9 a.m., worked VERY hard all day, until about 9 p.m. They had hoped to finish in one day, but ran out of concrete. They came back the next morning for about 3 more hours to finish the job. They were both pleasant to work with, and very professional. They worked tirelessly, and it was hard labor. They hardly took a break for lunch. To get to the porch, they had to chop down two huge bushes (we knew that ahead of time), and they took all the brush away. They cleaned up the concrete on the porch. I would recommend them highly.
- D.S. October 16, 2013
Concrete lifting in the driveway, front porch and front walk. Great! They arrived when they said. The finished work look great. I believe the front porch was more challenging than originally thought, however it turned out great. Very pleased. Very professional.
- J.S. October 08, 2013
Lifted and leveled steps for us. They told me when they quoted the job that in my particular case the lifting may not completely fix the problem. They were right but they were upfront and honest when they quoted the project. They did run into an unexpected problem when they were doing the work, but they called me and we worked out a solution that we were both happy with.
- E.D. September 28, 2013