What You Can Expect

Experience and Reliability

From sidewalks to city streets to bridge approaches and runways, we have the experience to complete your job in an efficient manner. We know our business and your job will be done right!

Quality Materials

The mixture of materials used to lift concrete is known as grout. Our material is earth-friendly ground limestone, approved for local, state and municipal street stabilizing.


Our experience, specialized equipment, low overhead and efficient methods provide you with the best value for your money. Do not be surprised if bids from other vendors are substantially higher. Our work is of equal or better quality!


3 Year Warranty on leveling.

Hole Size

Our holes only 1 1/4" in diameter (slightly larger than a quarter!), considerably smaller than many competitors and therfore far less noticable. Holes are then neatly filled and typically the job is completed and ready for foot traffic in a few hours.

Concrete Maintenance for Homeowners

Once the job is completed, please download the PDF for instructions on keeping water out from under concrete which will help prevent your concrete from sinking.